Data Analytics

The world is becoming smarter and smarter, data in now the key to competitive advantage, meaning businesses’ ability to compete is now being increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies, every business, regardless of size and nature now needs to be a data driven business. And if every business is a data business, every business therefore needs a robust data strategy. That’s where Intellinov Digital Comes in we help your business:

  • Define relevant BI, Analytics strategies and roadmaps that suit your business nature and size.
  • Choose Suitable analytics tools
  • Establish data architecture, suitable data models and data warehouses


  • Setup integration between your data sources and data warehouses
  • reporting insights, creating executive dashboards and data-driven discoveries
  • Create analytics models supporting prescriptive and predictive outcomes
  • Successfully migrate data between legacy and new platform solutions


  • Ensure skills to your staff transfer (basic)
  • Guide the transformation of your organization into a digital data driven business


Intellinov Digital will effectively partner with you on your Analytics journey – and help you gain competitive business advantage and real Return On Investment from data.

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