Corporate Branding Services

The above statement might be true about brands that dive in blind without careful planning. Let us help you define a strategy that focuses your available resources of investment, time and people to narrow down the strategic choices with the highest payback.

Our Brand Planning Process has the following stages

  1. Business Review

The Market: We help you research and analyze consumer behavior, technology changes, shopper trends, political/Social regulations, factors impacting your industry growth.

Consumer Trends: We help you Analyze your target to have an insight in their underlying beliefs, purchase habits, growth trends, and critical insights. We use the brand funnel analysis together with the leaky bucket analysis to understand how they shop and how they make decisions to buy. The aim is to understand what they think when they buy or reject your brand at every stage of the consumer’s purchase journey. We Uncover consumer perceptions through tracking data, the voice of the consumer, and market research.

Competitor Analysis: We Dissect your closest competitors, looking at their performance indicators, brand positioning, innovation pipeline, pricing strategies, distribution and the consumer’s perceptions of these brands. To go even deeper, we can map out a strategic brand plan for significant competitors to predict what they might do next. This data might be used to map your own brand plan.

-In House Check: Analyzing your own brand through the eyes of your customers, competitors, and employees. With the use brand funnel data, market research, marketing program tracking results, pricing analysis, distribution gaps, and financial analysis. It’s Imperical to be managing your brand’s health and wealth.

  1. Addressing Key Issues
  • The best way to help you achieve this is to walk you through answering the questions:
  • What is the core strength that will help your brand go to the top and stay there?
  • What’s the relationship between your consumer and your Brand like?
  • How is your brand currently faring in the market competition wise

We Strongly believe that the thinking we put into these questions will help us craft a top notch strategy for brands.

  1. The Winning Brand Strategy

There are four elements that make up a good brand strategy, including who is your target, where, how to win and why should your targets choose you. These are the consumer target, category, main consumer benefit and support points:

  • Who is your target?

What population demography is motivated by what you offer? not just who you want, but also who your brand.

  1. Where?

What is the competitive set that defines the space in the market your brand competes in? Positioning is always relative to who you compete against. For instance, a brand is never fast, it is faster.

  1. How will you win?

How will you entice your customers, that will make your brand stand out among others?, simple, unique, motivating and own-able? Avoid talking about what you do, Talk about what the consumer gets,

and how the brand makes them feel.

  1. Why should they Choose you?

Understand what support points and features are needed to back up the main promise. Moreover, these support points should close any potential doubts, questions or concerns the consumer has after hearing the main promise. Carefully and thoroughly following all these steps Our team will present you with useful Data that that will drive your brand forward.

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